joins The Clyde & Tay Group

I am *thrilled* to announce that is now part of the The Clyde & Tay Group.


6 months ago I envisioned a better marketing partner for businesses across the UK. Since launching in October and relocating to my native Scotland, the reception we've received and the work we've done has proved that the modern marketing model we have adopted, is what businesses want.

That's because it works! The opportunity to partner with Clyde & Tay Group and her businesses, including PWK Sales & Marketing is a huge vote of confidence in the digital marketing work that was built to deliver.

The Group's investments, especially into innovative, next-generation technologies like augmented reality (AR), will ensure we are able to fully deliver on our unique proposition of helping brands to engage with their audiences in the moments that matter. Ultimately, we'll be able to help more businesses sell more, to more people, more often. will continue to function as a standalone digital agency, but benefits from the shared experience, knowledge, resource and ambition of the Group. Clients will benefit from accessing the best in each marketing and sales specialism, under one roof. That roof is our new home on Thistle Place!