modern marketing

do pay-per-click ads really work?

Ask the average business owner what they know about digital marketing and they’ll probably tell you that someone once tried to sell them “SEO” and that they’ve “done a bit on social media, but it doesn’t really work”.

Well, as with many strategies in life and digital marketing, anything that you only half-commit to, isn’t likely to pay-off.

what is digital marketing?

One thing I’ve heard and read about constantly since moving back to my native Scotland, is the general lack of understanding of what digital marketing is. It’s no wonder then, that businesses struggle to see the value in it.

In this post (and the accompanying video, if you prefer) I’m going to explain to you in simple language what digital marketing is and frankly, why you should give a damn.

modern marketing meanings

There’s so much crap in marketing. Endless drivel that bears little relevance to the majority of modern businesses.

This industry “jargon” increasingly seems to have less to do with being efficient (using shortened terms to speed up communication between professionals) and more to do with building artificial “knowledge gaps” to help consultants sell more services to unsuspecting companies.

That’s something we’re firmly against here at We want you to know exactly what you’re paying us for, so we can all celebrate a job well done.

what is modern marketing?

To engage today’s consumers, your brand needs to play an active role in the moments that matter to their lives and loved ones.

An active role goes beyond simply “being there”. That tactic may have worked in the past, but with today’s competition and the modern buyer‘s attention span; it won’t wash. 

To really matter, you need to find your current and potential customers, wherever they may be; then add value in each and every moment. We call it “moment marketing”.