for startups and small businesses

As much as we talk to large businesses and multinationals, we speak to companies who are just starting out, launching a new offering or into a new market, or experiencing a period of growth. Though each is an exciting time, the challenges and opportunities are often very different.

So, if you're one of the latter and you're wondering how to start or improve your marketing efforts, we've developed a 3-phase marketing plan that’s ideal for both launches and particular campaigns.

You might've guessed our style by now…the plan is depicted by 3 M's:

  1. Mandatory

    • The mandatory phase includes must-haves such as a visually-appealing, technically-sound website, search-engine optimisation and a robust reporting platform to ensure you always know that you’re getting the best bang for your buck

  2. Material

    • The material phase includes the creation of a suite of branded assets to ensure we're set up for success, as well as curated content for your website and other marketing channels, a social media strategy and the establishment of lead nurture programmes to ensure we'll capitalise on all the interest we'll generate

  3. Make it rain!

    • The make it rain phase includes channels like paid search and social media advertising, as well as loyalty programmes and innovation opportunities in artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality to ensure we can reach our target audience in the moments that matter to them, in which they are most likely to convert

As part of our “fair-rates-for-quality-work” pricing methodology, you can see all of our starting prices for these services below. They are ready for you to buy right away and we hope you'll agree that the marketing your business needs to grow, is really more affordable than you might think! We always work on the proviso of generating a positive “return on investment” from your marketing activities.

If you are interested in something outside of these packages, or would just like a general discussion about what modern marketing could mean for your business, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.






make it rain!